FREE Online Motorcycle License Permit Practice Test for the State of Georgia

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01. Free online motorcycle license permit practice test to pass the DDS & DMV written exam in the state of Georgia
02. The complete list of questions and correct answers to pass the DDS & DMV written exam in the state of Georgia
03. Fifty (50) free sample test questions and correct answers to pass the DDS & DMV written exam in the state of Georgia

This free Georgia online motorbike and motorcycle drivers license permit practice test automatically generates new sample exam questions and answers each time you take it! The purpose of these free motorcycle drivers ed prep tests is to quiz your knowledge and help you prepare to pass the official learners motorcycle written test, also called the knowledge test or the theory test, at the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

Instructions: Unlimited access to these free motorbike and motorcycle driver licence permit sample questions, answers, and online practice tests are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. They are 100% free and require absolutely no registration, no subscription, and no software installation. Just click on the "Start" button. If the "Start" button is not displayed below, simply reload or refresh the page. If you want to scroll down and download the complete list of questions and correct answers, we recommend it, but it's not required. We hope you enjoy the service!

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1. The complete list of 650 questions and correct answers in PDF format (12 pages).

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1. Riding a motorcycle requires ... great awareness, balance, and a sense of position
2. Most crashes happen... at under 30 miles per hour
3. The chances that a motorcycle rider wearing a helmet will survive a crash are... three times higher than that of a rider with no helmet
4. Protective footwear should offer... ankle support
5. Wearing gloves when you ride... improve your grip
6. If you borrow a motorcycle, be sure you... get to know the motorcycle in a controlled space
7. Most motorcycle accidents happen... to riders who have been riding for less than five months
8. A minor mechanical failure on a motorcycle is... more serious than the same mechanical failure on a car
9. If your motorcycle has a center stand, its spring should... hold the stand tightly against the motorcycle's frame when it is moving
10. Your chances of being in an accident will be lower if you... maintain a safe distance from other motorists on all sides
11. When sitting on a motorcycle, you should sit... far enough forward so that when you hold the handle grips, your arms will be bent slightly
12. A standard gear pattern might be... 1-N-2-3-4-5
13. When you are stopped, you should... remain in first gear, so you can move out quickly if you need to
14. Braking on a curve is more difficult because... traction is reduced
15. Oil and grease tend to build up... at tollbooths and busy intersections
16. Always avoid riding... in another driver's blind spot
17. In order to stop safely, motorcycles need... the same amount of space that cars do
18. If someone is tailgating you, you should... try to change lanes to let him pass you
19. One way to give a merging driver space is to... change lanes if possible
20. Cover the clutch and both brakes to reduce your reaction time... in high-risk areas such as construction zones, intersections, shopping centers or school zones
21. An intersection can be defined as... anywhere where you may encounter traffic across your path
22. Other motorists entering a motorcyclist's right of way at intersections make up... over one-half of motorcycle crashes
23. Some of the biggest dangers for motorcycle riders at intersections include... cars that turn left in front of you, even from the right lane
24. A good way to increase your chances of being seen at intersections is to... ride in a lane position that gives you the best view of oncoming traffic
25. Staying to the center of your lane while passing parked cars can help you... avoid opening doors, pedestrians stepping out from between cars, or drivers getting out of cars
26. Most crashes occur in… broad daylight
27. During the day, a motorcycle with its headlight on is... twice as likely to be noticed as one without its headlight on
28. Be sure you use your rearview mirrors... when you are stopped at an intersection
29. The convex (or rounded) mirrors often found on motorcycles... make cars seem further away than they really are
30. Just like cars, motorcycles have... blind spots
31. Before you change lanes on a motorcycle... turn your head to look to the side for other drivers.
32. If you have to brake quickly... apply both brakes at the same time, firmly and progressively
33. To regain control from a rear-wheel skid... release the rear wheel brake
34. One primary cause of single-vehicle crashes is... motorcycles running wide in a curve and crashing into the roadway or a fixed object
35. If you are riding when it starts to rain... try to ride in the tracks left by cars ahead of you
36. Beware of ice that forms... on shady or low areas, overpasses and bridges
37. The safest way to cross tracks is to... try to stay straight within your lane to cross tracks
38. A good strategy for riding over bridge gratings or rain grooves is to... relax, keep your speed steady and ride straight over the grating or groove
39. If your steering suddenly feels "heavy"... your front tire is likely flat
40. The engine may "freeze" or "lock" if... you're low on oil
41. When the engine seizes, the effect is the same as... a locked rear wheel
42. If an animal crosses your path... never kick it
43. Carrying cargo or a passenger will... change the way your motorcycle handles
44. Before carrying a passenger, your motorcycle should have... foot pegs for the passenger's feet
45. When you slow down or stop while carrying a passenger, you should... slow down earlier and leave yourself extra space
46. In all states, the legal adult standard for alcohol intoxication is a BAC of... 0.08 %
47. It is especially important to flash your brake light before… you slow down more quickly than other drivers might expect you to
48. To increase your chances of being visible to other drivers… wear brightly colored clothing
49. When someone is passing you from behind, look out for… extended mirrors
50. If the back of your motorcycle begins to jerk or sway... your rear tire is likely flat

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